CoaST - Latest News The latest stories from CoaST. en-gb Wed, 13 Dec 17 10:53:55 +0000 Copyright: (C) CoaST, Penstraze Business Centre,Truro, Cornwall TR 4 8HY 15 The Psychology of Change: CoaSTie Event 2017 The CoaSTie event is back for 2017 - and this time we're digging into that wierd stuff between our ears to understand why ... Thu, 03 Aug 17 11:53:33 +0100 Picture postcard perfect? The Guardian asks if the pictures we see of perfect destinations actually tell the whole story... Wed, 28 Jun 17 14:01:03 +0100 Grow Nature Toolkit Grow Nature Toolkit is up and running! Thu, 22 Jun 17 12:15:13 +0100 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Economist Kate Raworth is a heart-singingly brilliant economist. And shows us how easy it is for us all to be one, too. Wed, 05 Apr 17 22:01:24 +0100 the story of stuff: change the game! Fantastic short film on things we do that just continue with the old game...or actually *change the rules of the whole damn thing*.... Wed, 05 Apr 17 21:23:53 +0100 what sort of change maker are you? Annie Leonard (The Story of Stuff) has this super simple quiz to see what sort of change maker you are... Wed, 05 Apr 17 20:39:02 +0100 cafe disruptif The Cafe Disruptif is the home of emerging Creative Disruptors Collective. A survey we're carrying out amongst a group of socially, environmentally and/or politically active individuals is making interesting reading... Tue, 04 Apr 17 17:29:58 +0100 people of nowhere This is hard to watch. But impossible not to. Tue, 04 Apr 17 16:49:51 +0100 eco-nomics is for everyone - just watch Economics. Just don't believe what you read in all the normal places. It's probably nonsense. Assume different. Watch this for starters. Tue, 04 Apr 17 16:02:48 +0100 cultural cornwall Cornwall is cracking along with a fantastic collaboration between the cultural and the tourism sectors - and it's awfully, awfully exciting...make sure you sign your name in here to be kept up to date... Fri, 06 May 16 00:00:00 +0100 refugee crisis The refugee crisis is a human manifestation of all the wrongs that we are allowing to happen in the world. And it's happening on our watch. Mon, 18 Apr 16 20:50:50 +0100 reboot champ: team bosinver Bosinver are GOOD at communicating - inspiring their visitors to get outside and get dirty. Thu, 11 Jun 15 00:00:00 +0100 the point about scything... Scything. On old skill - and a fossil fuel, healthy, productive way of harvesting grass and managing wildflower meadows.. Mon, 01 Jun 15 09:52:04 +0100 wonderful wonderful willow Willow is awesome. It turns wetland into better habitat, helps store water, captures carbon, creates pollinator space and offers material for baskets, walls, fencing and staking. Awesome. Wed, 27 May 15 16:05:56 +0100 pond life! Bottom feeders, top feeders and everything you can imagine in between. Ponds are a crucial part of positive water and habitat management ... Mon, 25 May 15 15:07:01 +0100 good hedges = great habitat Didyou know...Cornish hedges are probably amongst the best in Europe....but only 1% are being managed properly. Here's how... Mon, 25 May 15 10:24:09 +0100 soil positive: advice! Where to ask those questions about soil, and get the advice you need! Tue, 05 May 15 12:14:51 +0100 positive communication! Do it. Then SAY you're doing it. Cos that's how you INSPIRE *others* to do it too! :) Tue, 05 May 15 08:37:54 +0100 soil: the good, the bad and the downright terrifyingly scary This is scary; and we probably need to know this. Wed, 29 Apr 15 11:49:50 +0100 positive soil day at Little White Alice We had a fab day on SOIL at Little White Alice this week... Wed, 29 Apr 15 10:44:27 +0100 water v Nestle Nestle is one of the most boycotted companies in the world; are currently pulling water out of California to bottle and sell; and have said water "is not a right". Really?? Tue, 21 Apr 15 13:12:31 +0100 reboot champs: david and karen David and Karen are looking after the water...big time. Mon, 16 Mar 15 00:00:00 +0000 reboot programme hits the papers Western Morning News picks up the ReBoot programme Mon, 02 Feb 15 12:50:42 +0000 Our natural environment is in decline...and it's hurting the economy... So....we've figured out that trashing our natural systems isn't a fab idea... Tue, 27 Jan 15 10:16:00 +0000 Now CoaSTies Are Going Outside... CoaSTies have got their internal business practices sorted and now they're going outside... Mon, 26 Jan 15 08:43:58 +0000 positive water Water, water, everywhere...but how well is it? Tue, 20 Jan 15 15:12:05 +0000 Cornwall County's very own Ecologist Cornwall County has an Ecologist again...good news, we reckon... Tue, 20 Jan 15 10:24:22 +0000 reboot champs: perran sands Perran Sands: a blaze of environmental treasure right on one enormous set of sands dunes... Mon, 12 Jan 15 14:29:41 +0000 reboot champs: paradise park Paradise Park - a family owned business working to go as circular as they can on their own land... Mon, 12 Jan 15 14:24:51 +0000 going big on birds How to turn the wild bird problem into a ReBoot Success... Mon, 12 Jan 15 14:08:26 +0000 reboot champs: Barbara and Mark Round House Barns pack a lot in to less than an acre - including some serious water management... Thu, 08 Jan 15 17:56:18 +0000 reboot champs: gary and sandy Lots of gorgeous, beautiful wildflowers at the Hen House...pollinator heaven. Wed, 07 Jan 15 17:38:51 +0000 reboot champs: valerie and tim Pollaughan. Big on Being Outside. Beautiful. Wed, 07 Jan 15 17:36:37 +0000 reboot champ: richard Richard Barnes runs the award winning Tehidy Holiday Park.. and has transformed the site over the last few years... Wed, 07 Jan 15 16:28:11 +0000 wildlife gardening How to make your garden a haven for wildlife, and then co-habit with them all... Mon, 05 Jan 15 18:59:25 +0000 reboot champ: lorna and laura Heligan are going wild at heart. With bells on. Mon, 08 Dec 14 20:06:40 +0000 reboot champ: rosie Rosie is turning Little White Alice into a wildlife eden... Mon, 08 Dec 14 20:02:01 +0000 buglife Some great links from Buglife here... Thu, 04 Dec 14 00:17:25 +0000 invasive plants Lots of resources on identifying, managing and eradicating invasive species. And you can ask a question which we can get to SINNG for a direct response, too! Wed, 03 Dec 14 22:48:10 +0000 About Bloomin' time Huzzah! A National Pollinator Strategy! Print-press hot this week... Thu, 06 Nov 14 12:48:50 +0000 environmental growth Surely not? Tue, 07 Oct 14 00:00:00 +0100 Inspiration in Barcelona This is properly inspiring. Have a look. Start thinking.:) I am! Mon, 29 Sep 14 11:42:47 +0100 new visitengland sustainable tourism marketing toolkit VisitEngland launches new sustainable tourism marketing tool. Wed, 17 Sep 14 22:12:02 +0100 bude's seas are sparkling Bude is keeping its seas clean, green and gorgeous... Mon, 07 Jul 14 11:08:38 +0100 climate change impacts on tourism Climate IS Changed. And we're starting to get our heads round the impacts on tourism ... Mon, 30 Jun 14 13:38:14 +0100 airbnb provokes debate around regulation Compelling: the emerging sharing economy (creating more economic value without using more resource) doesn't fit the current system - a rethink is needed Thu, 29 May 14 11:18:07 +0100 smash and grab on electric car charging Is this the Problem with Big, raising its head again? As electric cars become successful, the big guys move in. Is this perhaps not always for the greater good? Thu, 29 May 14 10:11:24 +0100 are champions good or bad for your business?? So - are Green Champions good or bad for your business? Talking point... Tue, 06 May 14 13:03:04 +0100 upcycling is the new black.... Refurb is just that - and common sense has finally landed. Upcycling furniture is finally getting the profile it deserves.... Tue, 06 May 14 12:46:38 +0100 climate changed This may well be something we need to be getting used to. And we also need to understand how we are ALL affected... Mon, 03 Mar 14 10:37:03 +0000 a quick run down on the facts of climate science Just in case you weren't sure what the science was REALLY saying.... Mon, 10 Feb 14 13:29:01 +0000 you are looking at retreat ""You are looking at retreat," says Prof Colin Thorne, a flooding expert at the University of Nottingham. "It is the only sensible policy – it makes no sense to defend the indefensible." Thu, 30 Jan 14 19:45:56 +0000 the bath bone's connected to the sea bone... CoaST is working with Bude Cleaner Seas to develop bespoke towel cards - and they're doing the business! Tue, 28 Jan 14 12:45:16 +0000 Cornwall is UK's first rural Social Enterprise Zone That stuff about the triple bottom line? This is what we MEAN! :) Wed, 04 Dec 13 10:30:03 +0000 social enterprise This is what we are. A social enterprise; a not for private profit business, trading for people and planet: here to bring benefit to the communities, and the lands, in which we work, and using a business to do that. Wed, 27 Nov 13 00:00:00 +0000 are we passing on a defiled planet? IPCC chairman: we may "pass on a lousy, spoilt and defiled planet" Tue, 12 Nov 13 09:30:34 +0000 Cornwall's natural capital... Cornwall has developed a new strategic environmental partnership (Local Nature Partnership) and it's talking a brave new world of natural capital... Wed, 06 Nov 13 09:08:59 +0000 Green tourism - certify, promise or greenwash? Want to see a greenwash evaluation of all the schemes?? Wed, 06 Nov 13 07:55:25 +0000 a thousand flowers Small is, clearly, beautiful. Doh. Thu, 26 Sep 13 00:00:00 +0100 bristol green doors Fantastic programme to share green home expertise...we love it! Wed, 25 Sep 13 12:45:25 +0100 outstanding cornwall stepper point walk More Outstanding Champions born... Tue, 17 Sep 13 12:44:38 +0100 The State of Nature State of Nature Report This report was published in May, but with relatively little fanfare. A coalition (mmm couldn’t they have thought of a better word?) of 25 different wildlife organisations compiled an inventory of more than 3,000 of our native species.  60% of them have declined over the last 50 years; 31% have declined strongly.  More than 10% are in danger of disappearing altogether from our natural environment. This is a very sober study and should be read by everyone who has any interest in our wildlife. Why? Because the state of nature is a measure of the health of our environment, and the change in abundance of these species shows the stark reality of climate change, habitat destruction and lack of support for nature conservation by successive governments. For more information, try these links: John James Thu, 25 Jul 13 10:15:23 +0100 Caravan and campsite pollution prevention guide Caravan and campsite pollution prevention guide...useful help for owners and managers Wed, 10 Jul 13 20:58:13 +0100 Ofgem warns of increased risk of power shortages The danger of power shortages in the UK by the middle of the decade has risen, according to industry regulator Ofgem. Mon, 01 Jul 13 13:55:05 +0100 more money than heart? The Guardian looks at the superyacht industry and how far it can stray from anything approaching sustainable.... Mon, 01 Jul 13 10:49:05 +0100 green hotelier case study Green Hotelier magazine case study of its 2013 winner.... Thu, 30 May 13 11:21:24 +0100 well-being beans! The UK Office of National Statistics are hunting the holy do we measure our own well-being? Now THOSE are beans worth counting.... Thu, 30 May 13 10:46:18 +0100 positive defiance in the Basque Country There are some among us who have the chutzpah to do it differently. And so much better.... Mon, 13 May 13 11:44:18 +0100 Listen Up! steps tourism providers can take to support hearing impaired visitors Thu, 02 May 13 10:39:10 +0100 the wrong beans What if...we've been counting the wrong beans all this time? Or rather - only counting some, and missing out the most important ones?? Tue, 16 Apr 13 16:14:31 +0100 what's nature ever done for us Tony Juniper nails it. Wake up and smell the coffee of what the world does to keep us breathing. Thu, 11 Apr 13 12:28:58 +0100 we are the people we've been waiting for Ed Gillespie tells it as it is. We Are The People We've Been Waiting For. Wed, 27 Mar 13 10:46:07 +0000 wrens: small, noisy and very territorial! "Time to go back to the future where we have control over our own energy. Time to stop faffing about".  Indeed! The words of a very wise man! Wed, 27 Mar 13 10:05:13 +0000 clean, green and gorgeous hits Bodmin How cleaning need not be a cardinal sin against the environment... Mon, 11 Mar 13 00:00:00 +0000 Our Land Live Wire Our Land Live Wire is live! Wed, 27 Feb 13 16:39:59 +0000 outstanding cornwall west penwith walk More Outstanding Champions born... Mon, 25 Feb 13 12:06:09 +0000 the power of ten It's back. The CoaST annual party - noisy, exciting, and full of positive deviance. Booking form right here....crack on! Fri, 08 Feb 13 13:26:22 +0000 clean green and gorgeous hits Newquay The Importance of Having Good Props.... Fri, 08 Feb 13 13:24:50 +0000 clean, green and gorgeous in Penzance Desiging out pollution with a new cleaning habit... Fri, 08 Feb 13 00:00:00 +0000 brave new money worlds We love this. Great article - food for thought if you haven't mulled over this stuff yet...this is a FABULOUS intro... Wed, 06 Feb 13 10:10:39 +0000 a curtain that could change your life? And the deal is, you make it yourself. Here are the plans... Tue, 22 Jan 13 22:19:44 +0000 heresy? or just blinding common sense? The G word. Mon, 21 Jan 13 16:27:08 +0000 Looe Marine Conservation Group in action! Looe Marine Conservation Group has hit the ground running... Mon, 21 Jan 13 15:15:22 +0000 low carbon ladock Local energy generation expected to add over £2m to Ladock parish over next 20 years Mon, 21 Jan 13 14:44:51 +0000 pesticides agreed to be bad for our bees Pesticides contribute to risks in declining bee populations, study finds Thu, 17 Jan 13 09:32:21 +0000 cornwall opens uk solar centre UK to open solar centre as solar capacity looks set to enter global top 20 Thu, 17 Jan 13 09:07:22 +0000 electric car sales have go faster stripes... Electric car sales growth outstrips conventional market in 2012 Thu, 10 Jan 13 20:31:03 +0000 Are we daft enough to resort to Canute tactics? World Economic Forum sounds warning on rogue geoengineering... Thu, 10 Jan 13 20:14:29 +0000 Groundwater protection: Principles and practice update Tue, 08 Jan 13 09:46:50 +0000 Managing your environmental legal responsibilities...made easy. Tue, 08 Jan 13 09:34:01 +0000 what's a catchment when it's at home, then? Catchment. What's one of those? And do I live in one? Mon, 17 Dec 12 14:34:10 +0000 walking into a resource crunch? Sleepwalking is an over-rated way of running our businesses.... Mon, 17 Dec 12 13:39:47 +0000 just capitalism? Really? That's all I need to never use Google again. Mon, 17 Dec 12 09:27:43 +0000 fishy ambassador leads the way! Fishy CoaST Ambassador Harbour Lights is a proper Positive Deviant - go for it, guys! Thu, 13 Dec 12 21:34:53 +0000 can UN World Travel Organisation incite green change? How tourism can cut emissions - UNWTO outlines strategies at COP18 Doha climate change conference Wed, 12 Dec 12 10:18:38 +0000 so - are you fogged up? SAS have a new campaign: save our beaches - don't pour fats, oils and greases...simple! Tue, 11 Dec 12 10:33:44 +0000 financial incentives to save energy? Government considers financial incentives to encourage energy saving Thu, 06 Dec 12 18:03:21 +0000 talking sustainability with employees getting the sustainability conversation going.... Mon, 19 Nov 12 10:28:58 +0000 green blogging....grogging? :) Sat, 17 Nov 12 13:14:12 +0000 obama raises hopes on climate action Thu, 08 Nov 12 08:36:10 +0000